As someone, who grew up, lives, works, and whose children attends school/daycare in Wilmington I am concerned about the lack of reinvestment happening in the inner city. I am in support of:


o Beautification of abandoned buildings/houses

o Transforming opened used areas to gardens and parks

o Repairing roads/sidewalks, install stop signs

o Exposing youth & seniors to culture & the arts

o Improving traffic patterns and establishing more stop signs

o Fighting environmental injustices: pollution of water, air, etc.

o Increasing homeownership of current residents

o Curving gentrification, so that current residents are not forced out of Wilmington

o Increasing minority owned businesses

o Creating affordable housing for previously incarcerated people

o Challenging support services to go into the community most in need

o Creation of small youth centers

o Create exposure to Wilmington history

o Consumer education and cooperative economics

I am against the new Anti-Blight legislation. I believe that code enforcement should be civil only, fees and fines should not increase, and that existing rental property licensing law should regulate rental properties to make sure they are “up to code”. Our focus should be on creating a homeowner repair program to help owners fix homes, expanding down payment assistance programs, and prioritizing community development initiatives that provide equal opportunities and incentives to both large developers and neighborhood residents. We have to create a racial and socio-economic impact statements for all community development and neighborhood improvement initiatives proposed by City Council, and city council will ensure an open and democratic process on all community development and neighborhood improvement initiatives in the City of Wilmington.

I believe we should be a green city focusing on providing residents with clean water, air, and soil. Green infrastructure projects are increasing property values, beautifying neighborhoods, fighting extreme summer heat, creating natural habitats, and enhancing public space and schools and even making neighborhood safer. An environmental needs to be created to monitor the quality of We can create a green city through municipal action.

Our school districts need to be reformed throughout our whole state. Specifically, for Wilmington we need to reform how schools are funded and preparing minority students to be prepared for Middle & High School IB/AP programs. We need to get rid of state testing since it has been proven that is does not measure educational quality. We need to stop suspension and focus on restorative practice, trauma informed therapy in schools, and connecting student to community therapy. I want to work with the school districts to have high school courses that focus on local law, policy making, campaigning, etc. The young people has always been the heart of any movement and we have to be properly educating them about issues that matter.

I want to advocate that in Wilmington all schools and hospitals will become an no ICE zone. ICE should not be able to request information or detain children of immigrants from school or immigrants who need to go to the hospital. Schools and hospitals should be safe zones. Furthermore, instead of installing more red-light cameras which have been proven too been ineffective and has become more of money-making business for the city, we need to install external video systems to school buses. This will make sure our children are safe walking going to and from school and offenders are punished accordingly. I want to advocate that state-wide documentation is more inclusive of how people identify or do not identify their gender. There are 23,000 Delawareans that identifies as transgender, intersex, and non-binary people. We have to make sure that simple things like this does not further demean and negate their existences. I believe that all primary elections (school board, local, presidential, etc.) should be opened and that all registered voters should be able to vote despite part affiliations. Delaware needs to partner with neighboring states to create regional primary days. Also, Delaware needs to adopt an automatic voter registration and start a public service campaign that uses social media and mail to explain to voters what the elections are, remind to vote, and details to the importance of

the system.


I am the Executive Director of the Brandywine Village civic Association.


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