Economic Development 

I am concerned about Wilmington residents, especially young people finding careers with livable wages and participating in programs that will actually provide them with sustainable careers. Wilmington residents needs to be active participants in the development of the city. I support the Local Hire Ordinance that will require that a certain percentage of workers are Wilmington residents and are paid livable wages.


Even though college is a great pathway to take, it is important that trades and certifications are being highlighted for our residents, especially youth to take advantage of. I am in full support of training programs such as JobCorps, P2A, Zip Code, YearUp, It Works, etc. and making sure there is a system to hold them accountable that they are actually assisting young people in obtaining careers. I also want to create a scholarship program to train residents from Wilmington to become Doulas/Midwives assistance, specifically Black Women.

I am against the ‘Right to Work’ policy designed to take away rights from working people. This policy makes it harder for working people to form unions and collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working condition.  I am in full support of unionization and preserving workers their rights’ to be unions. I will advocate for a $15 minimum wage rate for all Wilmingtonians. When Wilmington becomes a “Green City” it will create a green job economy, thus high-value new jobs for residents.


I will be hosting Community Resource and Career Fairs that will include military, apprenticeship, advance training, college, and entrepreneurship, career choice options. Furthermore, providing residents with information to financially empower them about life insurance, stocks/bond, college savings plans, etc. by tabling at daycares and community centers to start with reaching the parents in the community. I will also be promoting the importance of cooperative/group economics for the Wilmington community.


I serve on the board for LEEP and Pathway 2 Apprenticeship, both are dedicated to training of Wilmington residents to obtain livable wages and sustainable careers.


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