"I come from proud a family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make safer communities that we live in a top priority. With nearly a decade of activism and organizing experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complexities of legislature, and get things done."
Three Pillars of Strength 
Community Reinvestment 

I support the development and improvement of the inner city area, where the underserved individuals live & work  


  • Beautification of abandoned buildings/houses

  • Transforming opened used areas to gardens and parks

  • Repairing roads/sidewalks

  • Exposing youth & seniors to culture & the arts

  • Improving traffic patterns and establishing more stop signs

  • Fighting environmental injustices: pollution of water, air, etc.

  • Increasing homeownership of current residents

  • Curving gentrification, so that current residents are not forced out of Wilmington

  • Increasing minority owned businesses

  • Creating affordable housing for previously incarcerated persons

  • Challenging support services to go into the community most in need  

  • Creation of small youth centers

  • Being accessible to the community to provide guidance and assistance

Economic Development 

I support local hire of Wilmingtonians, unions and local rights, raising of minimum wage, and training programs such as JobCorps, YearUp, It Works, ZipCode, etc.

  • Provide the community with information be financially empowered and to learn group economics

Criminal Justice

I support a fair and just system for ALL people in Wilmington by:

  • Supporting the creation and/or implementation of pre-arrest programs to help adults with addictions i.e, HERO Help program

  • Supporting the creation and/or imp mention of pre-arrest programs to help children with addictions

  • Educating the community about their rights & the Constitution through workshops

  • Modernizing sentencing: Judges would receive more discretion in crafting of sentences and "stacking" of charges would be reduced

  • Prohibiting of revocation of drivers' licenses for unpaid fines

  • Many drug crimes (Title 16) would no longer be designated as "violent felonies”; eliminating sentencing enhancement

  • Easier options of expungement more widely available for offenders

  • Protecting the rights of juvenile offenders

  • Reducing barriers to employment for criminals released from prison

  • Prohibit the prosecution of anyone younger than 12 for any crime other than murder or rape

  • Consumption of alcohol or marijuana by a person under age 21 a civil offense rather than a crime

  • Strengthen bonds of trust between communities and police

  • End racial profiling


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